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Hi, I’m Shira

I am a movement teacher and life journey tour guide (wtf is that). I help women heal, to feel good inside and out, emotionally and physically, using movement, laughter, and connection to optimize health in the mind and body.

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A four week workshop to make your home the source of comfort and calm, no matter what is going on in your life. Even a global pandemic. Click here for more info.

Week 1: Help. What stresses us out, how to release it, and how to get the help you need.

Week 2: Listening. How to feel your feelings and share them to reduce stress for you and your partner.

Week 3: Communication. How to handle conflict without escalating stress. How to apologize.

Week 4: Sex & Romance. How to give and get love so it feels good. 

Limited space available. To reserve your spot or to learn more: get in touch at

I am a yoga teacher and a Restore Your Core teacher. Restore Your Core is an internationally recognized functional movement program combining yoga, Pilates, and corrective and conscious exercise to heal and train your core and pelvic floor muscles to be strong, functional, and supportive. RYC is safe and effective for postpartum and prenatal women and helps to: strengthen the core and pelvic floor, relieve back pain, resolve prolapse and leak pee, improve abdominal separation (diastasis recti), and more.

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You can join my free Facebook community here: The Good Mood Movement

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Trained in the Body Ready Method, a sister program to Restore Your Core, I work with pregnant women to feel strong, stable, and comfortable during their pregnancy, and to prepare for birth and beyond.

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The wound is the place where light enters you.



"Prior to meeting Shira, I thought my core/pelvic floor was fine. Sure, I had some issues after the birth of my last baby, and I wasn't as strong or stable as before I had kids, but I thought that was just a normal thing. I was worried about what the postpartum period would be like after my next baby, but I just assumed that after a few kids it was a normal concern. After a conversation with her I realized that there was so much more I could do! Shira taught me so much about my body in so little time. Every moment was a revelation. As a long-time yogi and former athlete, I thought I knew how my body works and moves. Shira gave me insights that I didn't even know I was missing. Her teachings about breath and breathing particularly were literally paradigm-altering. I'm so grateful for her guidance, and I believe that every woman absolutely NEEDS to take her class."

Amanda, Yoga Teacher


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