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Restore Your Core

Restore Your Core™ is a comprehensive exercise program created for women who have core and pelvic floor dysfunction. Issues like:

- Leaking urine when running, sneezing, jumping, coughing.

- Constant back pain

- A weak core or a gap in the core wall (diastasis recti)

- A bulging sensation in the pelvic floor

- Hip discomfort

- Painful intercourse

- Pelvic organ prolapse

Over ½ of all women will experience 1 or more of these issues in their lifetime. That is huge! Often these issues are brushed off as “normal” for having had a baby, however they are anything but normal and cause major quality of life issues. In fact many women who have never been pregnant have these issues.

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Whether you’re dealing with core instability, prolapse, back pain, diastasis recti, or postpartum injuries, the Restore Your Core™ exercise method is all about helping you find healing.

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