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The 2020 Recovery Course

After a year trapped inside, it’s time to finally feel at home in your house, your body, your marriage and in your life.

A 4-Week Virtual Masterclass with Shira Rose — Movement Teacher and Life Journey Tour Guide (wtf is a Life Journey Tour Guide…)

2020 was a b*tch. We all know it.

If you are in a long-term relationship, and especially if you have children, getting through 2020 was like living on a lifeboat. The world outside was full of uncertainty and danger, but after a while, life on that lifeboat started to get pretty dang stressful too. Some of us dealt with illness, financial instability, even death, but for those who were lucky to escape those stressors, there was just the day-after-day endlessness of it all. The virtual schooling and work, the petty squabbles, the isolation from friends and community, the endless chores, the confusion about how to live safely without going nuts.

We were never meant to live like this. If marriage is a video game, we suddenly got dropped into the most brutal, advanced-mode, no-cheat-code skills test. A year like this would test even the most rock-solid marriage, so if it shook yours to its core, you’re not alone.

But you also don’t have to accept it.

This course is for women in long-term relationships who are at that point where the relationship is the stress, instead of being the thing that helps make it bearable.

For women who want love as a verb—and not just with romance and sex (although, yes, also that) but with laughter and respect and fun and connection. 

For women who don’t want to erase the messiness of their lives, but want to be able to look around and think, yes, it’s messy, but I’m meant to be here, this is my home. 

For women who believe it’s not too late to relearn your own body, to hear what your body is trying to tell you about about stress, fear, self-judgment, and pleasure.

If all this sounds uncomfortably familiar, this course is for you.

The four week course includes:

  • A weekly Zoom class covering the key topic of the week - Mondays 10am PT

  • A weekly Q&A/Support session - Thursdays 10am PT

  • Private Whatsapp group

  • A private session with Shira 


Class begins Monday 12/21/20


Contact: or text 323.929.9423 for more info

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I am not interested in benefitting from human suffering. If this sounds like something you want, but the challenges of 2020 have hit you hard financially, please be in touch.

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