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Fave Things

Supplements, Yoga Props, Beauty and Skin Care, Essential Oils, and more...

Vitamins and Supplements


This is prob my fave amino acid, and definitely the one that changed my life the most. L-Tryptophan helps the brain with the feeling that "everything is going to be okay" and is excellent for insomnia and getting more restful sleep.


Another great one. Really good for coffee and chocolate cravings. Like comfort and a kick in the butt at the same time.  


Similar to DLPA, but better if you have a tendency to feel jittery. Great for dairy and bread/pasta cravings. Also helpful for pain (emotional and physical).


When you need a kick in the butt. Good for sluggish thyroid and coffee cravings/caffeine addiction.

True Calm

Great for anxiety.



100% non psychoactive CBD hemp oil. Great for panic and anxiety as well as negative "looping" thoughts. Also promotes healthy sleep and can be used topically for aching muscles and joints.


Fantastic for sugar and alcohol cravings and good for digestive health and repair.

B Complex

Many of us are deficient and need a B boost. (When I don't take mine I have nightmares)


Helps with everything lol


Gummie Vitamins

These are delicious, pretty much taste like candy, and come in a variety for men, kids, women, etc. They're not the greatest multivitamin you'll ever take, but they are high quality and you don't have to swallow them, so if it's these or nothing, take these. My kids and husband love theirs, too. (The prenatals are appropriate for anyone of childbearing age)

Protein Powder

I am picky about protein powder and can't stand the taste of stevia stuck in there. This one is soy and stevia free, packs a high protein punch, and is kosher certified (OU).

Raspberry Leaf Tea

This tea is fabulous for helping to shorten periods and to help tone the uterus in preparation for birth and postpartum. 

True Balance

This is an excellent multivitamin that does a great job of supporting healthy and balanced blood sugar levels. Not as yummy as the gummy ones though lol

Yoga and Movement

Yoga Mat

My fave yoga mat. Great for grip and very long lasting. 


Great ones with a pocket for your phone.

Half Foam Roller

This is the key prop for calf stretching. Stretch em out all damn day.

Yoga Tune Up Balls

Roll out your muscles and reap the benefits. 

Yoga Leggings 

A more buttery version with no phone pocket. Not quite Lululemon, but close. 

More Faves

MacBook Air

It's pretty, works great, syncs with my phone, and I'm extra. 

Ninja Blender

Not as pricy as a Vitamix, better than a Nutribullet, gets the job done. 

Essential Oils Diffuser

Love this one.

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